What It Means to Be A Sheep In The Midst of Wolves

The corporate world is toxic, especially for people who aren’t built for it.

The pressure on employees around the word has been rapidly increasing and it gets tremendously insane especially for those juggling family time and work time:

-deadlines to meet, 

-expectations to exceed 

-goals to achieve

-projects to deliver  

Surely, the corporate environment will bring out either the best or the worst in people, including me and you.

All of us are vulnerable to other people’s judgment, opinion, and criticism. Handling and overcoming these things is never easy but the first step is knowing that we can.

There are colleagues who see us as enemies, a competition, or a threat to the status quo, so much so that they are driven by a strong compulsion to push us down.

Power is relative. One can wear it to impose terror, humiliate someone, maliciously discredit peers, or in subtle ways, demotivate a person regarded as an “obstacle” or “liability”. 

On one hand, the so-called “victims” posses an inner power too. 

The power to remain kind and compassionate,

The power to focus on “what now” instead of “why me?”,

The power to go the extra mile and say, “How can I help?” instead of “What’s in it for me?”.  

This is what taking the higher road means, much like “being a sheep in the midst of wolves”. Instead of fighting back, you take it in, not because you’re weak, but because you chose to be the bigger person.

A friend of mine had a very mean boss for years and I asked her how she’s handling such situation, and she said,“Well, it’s never easy, but, I sort of kill him with kindness everyday”.  

Behind every “impossible”, “difficult” man or woman, is just a little kid desperately wanting to be loved, to be recognized, or at the very least, to be seen.

It doesn’t justify all the rudeness we experience every day but it does give us a glimpse of what happens in the person’s inner world. 

People are inherently good. You have to believe that. How and why some turn into “monsters” or “dementors” perhaps is caused by a lot of negativity in the world. However, I believe a bigger part is in how they chose to respond to it.

We have so much power in the things we can control. Oftentimes we tend to forget that we too can initiate and influence, can re-learn love and tenderness, and can choose to be a victor or a conqueror.

Being a sheep in the midst of wolves is not easy, it’s not for the faint-hearted, or for anybody who forgot that he’s capable of something good. It takes courage, perseverance, humility and strength.  

In life, you can do it either the easy or the hard way.  If you can’t think or decide about what seeds you want to plant today, just think of what you want to harvest tomorrow.  When you grow old, I bet you want to feel proud of the younger you. Proud of how good a human being you’ve been, how positive an energy you were, how kind and gracious you showed up to the people you’ve met.

You have so much capacity for goodness. Use it.

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