Finding Happiness Where You Are

Years ago, I came across the idea of ”Victim Mentality”. This way of thinking means that we are always victims of our circumstances and experiences and therefore presupposes that we cannot take responsibility for what happens to us and worse, for what happens next. People trapped in this mindset are resigned to the idea of, “It is what it is”, no further questions, life is harsh, the cycle keeps going on and on until our last breath.

Doesn’t it sound hopeless and boring? If the average lifespan of people these days is 70 years, imagine branding seven decades of existence like a horrible mistake or a bag of trash.
That means waking up each day feeling and believing that you’re a loser. Now THAT is torture. How so?

The biggest mistake that you can ever make in this world is giving up on life and worse , It’s giving up on you.


Our existence is not just spelled out by a series of receiving and accepting.

There lies power in every human being to create, to change, to take control of what we can. Not just in the grandest schemes but so too in the simplest act. Little by little, we can inch forward, moment by moment, day by day.

A lot of us feel overwhelmed because we are too fixated on the outcome or the ultimate success, however, we define it. We look past the things that we can do now, the step that we can take, and the decision that we can make. So oftentimes, when we “feel stuck in a rut”, we perceive the rest of our future as bleak, heavy, impossible, pointless.

You are not a victim of this world.

Even if you insist you are, you can choose not to remain as such. Rewrite your script. There is absolutely something that you can do right now.

When author Stephen Covey shared his idea of the 90/10 rule, he didn’t just give us a new perspective in life, but a sensible tool on how to carry through our lives day by day.

The rule states, 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of life is decided by how you react. That said, a great amount of power actually lies in our hands, and deeper than that, in our own will. Taking that will to the next level would be, to not just go through the motions and live life passively like watching a show. You see, we keep forgetting that this our life and our show. We are in fact the lead characters, and we do write our own story.

Imagine you’re a painter.

You have this blank canvas in front of you and you have all the other tools you need: easel, paintbrush, paint, palette, etc. Now you’ve set out to create the greatest masterpiece of all time. Do you then take this task lightly? Of course not! You start planning, imagining, composing that gorgeous, charming image in your mind long before the very first brush stroke even lands on the surface.

My friend, your life is your masterpiece. You can always paint hues of happiness IN and AROUND it.

Happiness has to be something that you create. Something you decide within you before you go out that door. Will you own it?


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