You Find What You’re Looking For

I had a teachable moment day.

I was preparing to visit the consulate office to obtain a document for my brother. All other forms have been completed and I know I’m all set to go. Just before signing off, I had a nudge to check the website again for office timings. That’s when I saw the glaring notice flashing like a news headline, “All transactions are by appointment. Only those who have booked an appointment on any given day can enter the premises”.

Man! I scrambled to check the calendar, surely there would be a spot for me the next day. Turns out, the only available slot is from two months away! How could have I missed it?

I back-tracked a little bit and tried to figure why didn’t I see this two weeks ago when I was looking up the requirements? I figured all things right but not this appointment. Sort of like a glitch in my processing system.

Reflecting on life, many times we do find what we’re looking for.

We find problems more than opportunities.

We see the glass half empty rather than half full.

We find what we’re missing and lose sight of what we have.

We see lack instead of providence.

Discontentment brews like a cup of coffee served in front of you any given morning.

Training our eyes to get a better perspective of things requires practice. That means we don’t get to master it overnight. It’s a daily choice, a daily act, a daily commitment.

What type of perspectives should we take?

Well, the ones that will help you.

There’s never an absolute response to this but in any situation, choose the perspective

  • that inspires you
  • that helps you move forward,
  • that guides you to find lessons of value
  • that leads you to interpret things in a positive light 
  • that enables you to see things in a bigger picture and how necessarily connected they actually are

Useful feedback that’s often neglected by most of us is our intuition. There’s an unexplainable power behind it that to my experience rewards our “leaning to it” with either opportunities or a sense of safety. Had I not “leaned into it” that one particular night, the missed notification would have soured my plans the next day! But the gap between the “discovery” and the time I had to go, afforded me some moments to explore and evaluate options with the help of friends.

A mentor of mine stressed the importance of leaning into our intuitions. He says that If we don’t, it will stop showing up. It will stop nudging us. Think about losing a strong ally.

The recent experience also highlighted to me the availability of friends and our friends’ friends.

 When you look for them, you’d find them. It’s like this web of connections only that, it’s real and it’s solid. See, we don’t have to go through this life alone. When you have friends like those who show up when needed the most, be grateful for them and treasure them. And when the opportunity comes, be that kind of friend too. You may not be able to pay it back to the same people but we can always pay it forward. That way kindness goes a long way.

My dear friend,

My wish for you is that you find what you’re looking for, but more than that, may you look for what your heart really wants to find.


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