I need this place. Can you move over there?

W: Excuse me, how much longer are you staying?

M: For about an hour.

W: Oh okay, you can move over there, you know, because we need this place.

M: Sorry, we just had lunch. We need an hour to rest before we pack up and take off.

W: Oh, so, can we just bring our stuff over because my family is already here, or you could just take the first spot over there. It’s the same size.

I couldn’t understand the woman.  

The first spot is the same size as ours but she wants our spot.

The place is free for everybody, first-come-first-served basis.

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon, we’re resting and she likes us to have enough of it and leave.

Even the proposal to bring their stuff over was ridiculous.

How can you rest when people are moving stuff around?

Choose your battles. 

This was ringing in my ear so loud that I just nudged the rest of my team to pack our things up and leave. I didn’t want to fuel my anger and use up my energy for this “coveted” spot. The reluctance to leave was strong but we did anyway.

Fast forward ten minutes later we found ourselves exploring a more exciting part of the desert. We walked across a lake through a man-made pass, dipping our feet on the water, went up a hill, and took splendid photos of colorful fishes, beautiful swans, and quirky landscapes decorated by heart-shaped begonia, branches of trees, and shrubs.

Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Oftentimes we do things reluctantly. It feels heavy because we’re resisting something emotionally or intellectually. But as heaven would have it, in turn, miracles happen, surprises pour down like rain, good things take place unexpectedly.

Can we be so certain that’s the way stories would unfold every time? I could only tell from my own experience. I have enough to say that when you chose to do what’s good and right based on your inner compass and do it sincerely, rewards are forthcoming.

  • Reluctantly choosing to be patient with a difficult boss has rewarded me with the coolest bosses years after.
  • Reluctantly serving in the community brought me so much happiness and deepened my spiritual growth.
  • Reluctantly studying since I was a kid developed my love for learning.
  • Reluctantly waking up early in the morning has helped me become more centered, more present, and more aware.

I know the journey would have been easier if I did things with less resistance.  But you see, like everything else, cultivating a good attitude is like a muscle, It grows and strengthens over time. When it’s finally “ripe”, the attitude sticks. It becomes second-nature to you.

I’m not saying I’ve already nailed it. I’m still a work in progress, but way better now than years ago. A rebellious kid turned respectful, disciplined fellow (almost)!

I thank that woman who pushed us away. I couldn’t care less if they had a good time.  For me and my buddies, we surely did!  

I guess this is just a simple reminder to us all.

Never underestimate the power of something you know is Good.

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