I am a Catholic.

I am my dad’s no. 1 fan.

I am my mom’s best friend.

I am my brothers’ keeper (I have 3 by the way).

I’m a singer, a musician, a grateful servant.

I’m a leader, an encourager, a mentor, a coach.

I’m much drawn to people who have less, who go by unnoticed, who feel small and powerless, the scared, the doubter, the discouraged, the uninspired.

If you’re one of them, I’m not here to fix you.

I’m here to give you hope,

to give a light on your path,

to wake you up from slumber,

to encourage you to live bolder and wiser,

and celebrate your life the way you’re supposed to.

I’m here so you too can write your own story, and finish the same with a powerful ending!