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We complain or feel mortified about death if we haven’t truly lived.

The notion of “having truly lived” can be very different for people. Ultimately, it boils down to what we value the most, or how we value what we’ve been given. These values drive us, motivate us, and give our lives meaning and purpose.

Most times though “existing” gets in the way. We forget that we’re dying everyday.

So today will have to be a value-driven day.

Try recalling to mind what you value the most, then structure your day around that.

  • Health (good)
  • Peace (of mind / in your heart)
  • Good work. Something you can be proud of.
  • Relationships (quality over quantity)
  • Knowledge / Wisdom
  • Bursts of good, beautiful and happy memories.

Think about it, a moment gone is now just a memory.


Where Is Your Road Leading To?


What are they?


Picture of the Future.

What you long for.

Your Happy Place.

No matter how you describe it, dreams are powerful. Everybody strives to achieve them. Everybody desires to fulfill them.  Why?  Because we made a decision to pursue a happy life. Painting our life’s canvas with passion, relationships, and stability. But more than just happiness, each person has a burning desire for MEANING. The point of it all.  I call it the 3 Gs.

What we Get.

How we Grow.

What we Give.

It really is a cycle. We take, we nurture what we’re handed, then we put it back to the world.  We name it…. Stewardship- the best of its kind.

These three elements are undeniably intertwined:

Learning– We should enjoy being a  student.  There’s a lot of good things in the world that can nurture our mind, our heart and our spirit.

Experience– This is acting on all good things we already know and have learned. This is where “creating wonderful memories” come in.

Legacy– Help. Give. Contribute. Serve. Make this world a better place for the kids in your own home, in your own town or city, in your own country, wherever they are on this planet called earth. Think of them and make them happy.

I was with a group of beautiful, positive people yesterday and we spent some time working on our Life Plan, our personal Dream Board.

A stimulating discussion came up about wanting to talk about or not talk about our personal dreams.  Well, I’ve been in both states of desire. I’ve crossed over from not wanting to share to wanting to share.  Each of us would have to weigh the pros and cons of each choice. Then from there, we decide.

I made a list of helpful pieces.

Why you would not want to talk about your dreams. 

1) It’s Personal.  Case closed.

2) Fear-  of rejection, failure, criticism

3) Shyness-  you might be teased, ridiculed, laughed at

4) Hesitation-  you feel you’re not ready to either talk about it or to work on it

5) Belief- sharing your dreams early on might hinder its fulfillment

Why you would want to talk about your dreams.

1) Law of Attraction- putting it out into the world for the universe to conspire and bring the right opportunities to your doorstep

2) Inspire- you want to encourage people to have and work on their own dreams to give them something to look forward to.

3) Accountability-  you want to push yourself a little bit more to fulfill them since you’ve already “worn your heart on your sleeve”

4)  Tribe- You want to find yours.  The group of like-minded people. Those who share the same dream passion as yours. Those who can and will inspire you. Those who would stimulate your brain to create and stir your heart to keep going.

5)  Support from loved ones-  you would need this especially if your dreams include your own family.  You would appreciate their help. Surely It’ll lighten the load when the going gets tough.

6)  Remind yourself what you value the most-  Thinking and talking about your dreams helps you focus on them once again, especially when you get off track.  With lots of distractions around us, it helps to cleanse our lenses now and then and set our sights on what really matters to us in the end.

We already know that dreams have to be time-bound.  But obviously, we’ll never know how powerful this aspect is until we try it.  So put a month and year next to your every dream or goal. You can be more specific and narrow it down to the day or time.

However long it takes, you can always do something about it right now.  One decision at a time. One choice at a timeStart now with what’s in front of you.  Ask yourself, “What is one thing that I can do right now that will bring me one step closer to my dream”?

Try it.  You’ll see.


Have you thought deeply about your dreams? What steps have you taken to fulfill them?What motivates you to pursue these dreams? Share your thoughts. Comment here. 

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