Are You Truly Free?

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

Getting more does not assure you will find fulfillment. But try wanting less, and you will find peace of mind.

Once you’re on that road, you will question that decision once in a while when you start comparing yourself with others.

And why do you do that?

Ego. It always wants to know where it stands– its place amongst the crowd.

You cannot know everything about the person you’re comparing yourself with more than you know yourself. So don’t be foolish to wish about trading places.

Instead, adjust the lens and focus on your own path.
Where are you right now?
Where do you intend to go?
How far have you come?

Looking inward, you’ll realize you already have everything you need; your path is your primary business.

And know that freedom is about finding peace and contentment in the here and now. It recognizes that this moment is enough.

You are not living years but a million moments that make up those years. So, if you can find peace and contentment in each of them, you could say your life has been complete.

And that matters.

Do Not Perform For Them

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

I have been like this- showcasing accomplishments to other people and coming up with stories by stringing together events of the past.

While these stories are true, my motivation is wrong.

I craved and desired attention, projecting this image of myself I’d like people to hold about me.

For what?

Does it add to my self-worth? Does praise come with love?
If not, what does?

Suppose from hereon I listen and connect with people; why will I do that?

Is it out of need or out of love?

I believe if love leads the way, the need, whatever it is, will somehow be fulfilled. But the risk is that I’ll be putting some weight on expectations.


Listen, connect.
Do it out of love..
And hold no expectations.


If I can focus on what’s essential, what matters in the grand scheme of things, I will be able to give more energy to it—more of myself. Then I would have used my life on matters I will not someday regret, but rather, I’ll be proud of.

Remember this: Whatever I give attention to, I’m exchanging my life for it. So it better be worth what I’m giving up. It better be good!

On Building Castles in the Sand

Whatever I am passionate about, I need to remember that I will pass away and will slowly be forgotten.

So what’s the point of all of it?

– of aspiring

– of doing good

– of giving my best

– of creating something I can be proud of?

It’s divine. That’s what it is.

At least, that’s what I believe.

Merely the act of doing gives me satisfaction. Regardless of the outcome, joy is already happening – in the moment.

On Dreams and Reality

Of course I have my dreams and desires. But I think, they don’t weigh as much as what I have at this moment. For the future is not tangible. Reality, as it unfolds right now, is. Though there are those I couldn’t grasp physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, I am okay with it. ‘Coz I believe perhaps some things don’t want to be fully understood. Maybe they just want to be held.