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“Bloom: A Handbook To Living Life To The Fullest!”

Every blogger/writer aspires to be a published author. It doesn’t matter if we openly or secretly desire it. We all do.

In my case, I wondered, “How on earth shall I do this? What will I write? How long is it going to take? Will I have time?”

It happens to most of us.

We get overwhelmed when faced with a seemingly big task.

We overanalyze and get ahead of ourselves.

We questioned our dreams and doubted our capacity at some point.

But a message will always find its way to be expressed, no matter how much one tries to resist it or suppress it.

“Bloom” attempts to articulate the most valuable lessons I have learned in life as a single woman.

The idea of this book came about when I was contemplating the brevity of human existence. 

“If withering away is inevitable, how can I make the most out of my time on earth?” 

“How can I inspire and guide others to do the same?” 

“Let me look through the rearview mirror and see what has come to pass and what have I learned. Then, perhaps, I can collect these pointers and keep them handy.” 

As we navigate the road we are in, I hope we remember to delight in every step, knowing full well that the journey is as important as the destination.

So as you delve into the pages of the book, I hope you find nuggets of wisdom that would nudge you to make the best of every precious moment, wherever you are in your life. 

I believe that when we give, the universe expands. So I’m giving away this book for free!

Drop me a message at and I'll arrange to send a copy of the e-book straight to your inbox!

What friends say about Bloom

Bloom: A Handbook to Living Life to the Fullest by Sundae Peña is a rollicking exploration of personal strengths, beliefs, talents and interests that will leave anyone who is blessed to have a copy, begging for more insights and sharing by the author herself! I must say, it is quite an inspiring and riveting experience to read the book which promotes self-discovery and awareness. It is timely, encouraging and definitely worth anyone’s time. Sundae had indeed bloomed! As her name goes, this book is SUNDAE: Special, Uplifting, Nourishing, Daily Adventures for Excellence! Treat yourself and share knowledge with everyone!

Ace Lester Quijada Economist, Manager & Executive Financial Adviser PCG Dubai – Dakilang Bayani Awardee 2021 UAE

Bloom is an enjoyable read. It’s a practical guide to helpful life lessons and principles we already know but may have conveniently brushed aside. It’s both a eureka moment and the nudge we all need.

Karen Azarraga
CFO, Multinational Tech Company Philippines

When you find yourself in an abyss and feel like you’re losing breath, wanting to give up on life, Bloom: A Handbook to Living Life to the Fullest provides practical advice on how to look within yourself and discover your purpose. This book is like talking to a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a parent… Sundae has a way with words that will motivate you to find yourself and be the best version of yourself.

Chi Siton
CPA, CGMA, New York

“Living life to the fullest”, is a phrase that I’ve heard and read in other articles but in reality, I did not fully understand what it meant until I read Bloom: A Handbook to Living Life to the Fullest. Two things that struck me the most in this work are: the mirror exercise, that taught me about self-love; and the idea of leaving a legacy, something that I’m still working on. This book is an eye opener. It helped me to know myself better, and find the true meaning of life. Living life to the fullest is indeed a process! Sundae, may God bless you more with wisdom to write such inspiring books like “Bloom”!

Rowena Yaba
Entrepreneur Philippines