Life Is Long If You Know How To Use It. – SENECA

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We complain or feel mortified about death if we haven’t truly lived.

The notion of “having truly lived” can be very different for people. Ultimately, it boils down to what we value the most, or how we value what we’ve been given. These values drive us, motivate us, and give our lives meaning and purpose.

Most times though “existing” gets in the way. We forget that we’re dying everyday.

So today will have to be a value-driven day.

Try recalling to mind what you value the most, then structure your day around that.

  • Health (good)
  • Peace (of mind / in your heart)
  • Good work. Something you can be proud of.
  • Relationships (quality over quantity)
  • Knowledge / Wisdom
  • Bursts of good, beautiful and happy memories.

Think about it, a moment gone is now just a memory.

To Herself

Let Death Make Us The Best People We Can Be

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Today is a bonus.

How differently will I live if I were only given a day? How will my perspective change?

I love life, sure, but I can’t hold it by the hand. It ebbs and flows through time. The universe will remain.. God is eternal.

The thought crossed my mind as a kid. The world is old. It’s been here for a very long time and will remain even when my time is over. Many generations have passed. Millions have crossed it. A thousand may have sat on this exact spot where I am, at this hour of day.

Where are they now? Are they dancing and swirling in the vast space though I can’t see them?

It’s easy to imagine that when people don’t inhabit a form; or contents of our life disintegrate and we become just one tiny particle (could that be true?).

Or maybe we get dissolved into the universe completely– becoming one with it.


Dissolved into space.

Imagine that about other people.

Imagine that about myself.

So, how would I live today?