It has been a while since I’ve sat down and written a post. If you have been with me throughout this journey you already know that I usually share wisdom from personal experiences and daily musings. It’s not to say that there hasn’t been anything happening lately, there’s a lot taking place that my hands and these keys can ever catch up with.

Tomorrow, one of the biggest decisions I made this year will come into fruition. I wish I could tell you more about the context but I’d rather share it with you in person if I can. Mind you, I’m scared of the outcome. I guess this is normal. With every decision comes uncertainties and unknowns we are risking to take. But as they say, it’s all part of the great adventure we call life. 

I’ve started this year with one guiding word- DARE. And since day 1, it has been a roller coaster of events. Several times I have surprised myself for signing up on something that I haven’t even considered towards the end of last year. As circumstances presented itself I opened myself to it, accepting and never resisting, figuring out how far I can go. Every step terrifies me but I push on. They say,

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. 

So yes, I’m taking risks and I’m getting out of my comfort zone and telling the universe,

“I am ready”. 

Life will always be unpredictable and we will always have doubts. But then, therein lies the excitement about it. Trials and mistakes give us room to grow. It’s a matter of perspective.

Allowing ourselves to be chained to our desire for certainty immobilizes us.

Tomorrow is not something you and I need to deal with right now, unlike today when we are both called to show up. So why don’t we?

Welcome The Day 

Regardless of what it brings you. 

Any way you put it, it is still a gift. 

There’s no other day like it.

Celebrate it.

Welcome People

Regardless of the race, background culture and embraced beliefs.

Each of us has a story to tell.

Each of us is doing their best.

Each of us knows pain.

Each of us needs love.

Welcome Your Self

Regardless of your past mistakes and failures.

You can begin again.

You can do better than yesterday.

You can learn something new.

You can grow.

You can contribute.

You can experience.

You can help.

You can give.

You can serve.

You can be gentle with you.

Welcome Life

And everything that makes it.

Every breathing, living creature is here for a reason.

Symbiosis is a fact.

Nature is part of the planet, so take care of it. Commune with it.

Welcome Love

It’s one thing that’s eternal.

It gave the human race a second chance.

It’s real, and you are made for it.

From my heart to yours…