Passion – Truth

It’s easy to throw in the towel: 

  • When things get difficult,
  • When you think you’re not getting anywhere,
  • When you don’t get the support you need,
  • Or when people you hope to take notice of you, never do.

It’s easy to say, “You know, what, I’m done, it’s over”. Feelings of anger, doubt, and hopelessness set in. If you’re not careful, it will send you to a downward spiral until you hit a spot you’ve never desired to be in the first place.

Talk about passion for instance. I always thought passion never dies until mine did. 

I am passionate about 3 things. One I’ve outgrown like how I‘ve outgrown chocolates. The other two, I’m working on and off, so essentially, they’re barely breathing. The likelihood both will die is high if I don’t get my acts together. I guess I can’t call these passions after all.

On second thought, my definition of passion may not be correct, to begin with.

It’s not the music, the writing, or the speaking- – – all are but mediums to express my truth in different ways so it lands wherever it’s supposed to.

The truth is the main thing.  It’s the driver, the purpose, whatever you call it. It’s the glue that holds everything together and gives sense to why we do the things we do. 

Big truths are universal and they never die. Humanity shares the desire,

  • to love
  • to inspire
  • to serve
  • to help
  • to teach
  • to learn
  • to be happy
  • to live a meaningful life

Our passion is our Truth.

I wrestled with this idea for a long time because I thought that I was changing. But in fact, I was just shifting mediums to convey my truth. The moment I embraced it, I stopped questioning my passion. 

“I understood that whatever I do, I could never escape what I’m supposed to be fulfilling on planet earth. That purpose, that truth is going to show up everywhere I go. Resisting or rejecting it means death, a slow, painful, lonely death”.


Looking back, I realize there was nothing wrong with the mediums I chose in the past. It was the right choice at that time. I guess as we evolve we become the persons we need to be in each season of our life. Sticking to the old us would have been ineffective.

Not every door we knock on is going to open for us. Not every business will work out. Not every project will succeed. Not every effort we exert pays off. It’s who we become that matters. It’s the strength that develops over time, the wisdom we accumulate through the seasons of life. We build muscles as we go along. 

The journey becomes something more than the destination. Life happens there- in the process, along the way. We don’t see it now but looking back, we can tie the pieces together.

While we are on this journey, please no matter how tempting it is, don’t stop. You can change your mind, your strategy, the course, the playbook, but don’t stop. The end will eventually come. But right now, as long as there’s still air in your lungs, breathe. 








Spread happiness.  

Create meaning out of your one, precious life.