The Musings, the Wisdom, and the Silence

Sometimes I wish I’m smart, more driven, and as creative as the people I admire.

“Well, you can’t. You can never be like them but, you can be you”.

And that’s enough?

“Of course, you wouldn’t know any other way. You can’t be somebody you’re not and other people can’t be you”.

Why is that?

“We’re built differently. Our uniqueness makes us special”.

Sometimes I wonder what it’ll be like to have, you know, that kind of life. 

“Stop wondering. You can live yours, right here, right now”.

Why does the grass always look greener on the other side?

“You only see the grass. Not the person who waters them, the commitment he has the efforts he does. If you had wanted the grass you’re standing on to be greener, you would have watered them already”.

The older I get, the less risk I take. Why do you think that is?

“Maybe because you believe you have so much to lose? But the fact is, if you’ve invested in yourself, you can regain what you lost. You can rebuild them, recreate them”.

Why do I sometimes fear the future?

“Because you focus too much on what could go wrong, instead of what could go right”.

Do I need to keep on doing the things that I do?

“It depends. If you believe in them, then yes, if you don’t, then what’s the point”?

The years that I made mistakes. Did I waste my time then?

“Nothing is ever wasted. Bad experiences teach us something. Good experiences inspire us to do something”. 

How do I navigate my way through life?

“Picture climbing up the stairs. You don’t need to see the peak, but you’d see enough to make it to the next step. So just do that and help people as you go along. At one point, you would be needing some help too”.

Climbing. Doesn’t that sound taxing and boring?

“Everything important is worth our effort and our time. You get to enjoy the sceneries too as you climb up. You can take a breather, a pause”. 

Okay, so how can I make the most of the climb?

“Take only what you need. The more it is that you carry, the harder the climb. That burden is unnecessary”.

What if I fall?

“You climb back up again”.

I stop when I reach the top. Right?

“Makes sense but who knows. Maybe there is no top. Maybe the stairs are all there is”. 

So when does our journey end?

“When our time is up”.

Okay, I better resume mine then.

“You should. But like I said. You can always pause and appreciate things as you go along. Acknowledge that you might not see them again, and that’s okay. You can still take them with you, in your memory, in your heart. Those things, along with your experiences, will shape you and equip you”.  

Any last words?

“Your true north. Just follow that. Don’t be swayed by anyone else. You own your journey”.

I bade the stranger goodbye.

Surely I’d catch him again somewhere down the road. If not, somebody else will show up. They always do. I have stopped wondering where they come from or how the universe gets to know who or what I need at a particular time.

I think that’s just God’s providence.

As I walk, I’ve never experienced so much stillness, so much peace.

Things became simple again, bright and hopeful.

The future felt like a thousand years away and all I can recognize is this moment.

I’ll never trade this feeling for anything else. I wish it stays forever.

But who knows.

So I’m loosening my grip.

I’m enjoying this moment as long as it lasts.


It’s teaching me a lot.